The Cherished Numbers Guild was established to provide customer confidence when purchasing a cherished number, and to maintain its member’s interests and standards within the cherished numbers industry.

Members of the CNG currently have over 250 combined years of active experience in buying, selling and transferring registration numbers. With this wealth of knowledge, you are sure of a safe and pleasant transaction purchasing a cherished number through a CNG member.

Look for the Cherished Numbers Guild shield that will be displayed by our members. The member will then have their credentials listed on this website for customers to cross-reference authenticity of membership.  The CNG shield is a sign that the cherished number dealer has have been accepted into the Guild by way of good standing in the industry.

All of our guild members agree and trade by a set of guidelines specifically designed to enhance the buying experience for all customers.

The CNG is recognised by the DVLA as a trade association and is actively engaged in proactive dialogue.

CNG members pride themselves on excelling in the cherished numbers industry, so look for the shield for all of your cherished number needs.